Leven Unexpected Garden

Dandelion is an ambitious creative programme which ran from April to September 2022 that demonstrates the power of collective action in a major ‘grow-your-own’ initiative. Dandelion invites everyone to sow, grow and share – not just food, but music, scientific knowledge and ideas.

Rooted in Scotland, with an international outlook and sustainability at its heart, the Dandelion programme follows the arc of the growing season, from April to September, and culminated in local Harvest Festivals across the country.

Dandelion aims to make growing your own food as easy and accessible as possible to people of all ages through events and activities taking place all over the country - from the remotest islands to the centres of cities – including festivals, music and cooking.

At the centre sit the luminous Cubes of Perpetual Light - part artwork, part laboratory, the cubes are miniature vertical farms, growing hundreds of seedlings under LED light, combining design craft, traditional horticultural expertise and technological innovation.

Leven Unexpected Garden

As part of the Dandelion programme, Unexpected Gardens sprung up across Scotland during 2022, with one being hosted in the car park of The Centre, Leven.

The Leven Unexpected Garden aims to be a surprising space for visitors to enjoy, as well as a productive growing space for local communities to use, and concluded with a Harvest Festival in September 2022.

The garden is a true community effort, with local community groups, schools, businesses and people involved in the design and creation of the garden. The garden is still being used for gatherings, activities and events - contact us to find out more.