River Leven Park

We are working to deliver an accessible, attractive and biodiverse public park for the local communities of Levenmouth, as well as visitors to the area, that also provides additional off-road active travel links to the new rail stations and connects the on-road active travel network to the river.

Six themed gardens have been designed along the river, built on areas of land that are currently abandoned and/or in poor condition, focusing on local heritage and community need identified through consultation.

These will consist of:

  • Methil Garden, which will be a space for revealing the heritage of the river.

  • Burn Mill Garden, which will be a space for active exploration of the river.

  • Creosote Garden, which will be a space for communities to meet, grow and celebrate the river.

  • Iron Brig Garden, which will be a space for playfulness and discovery along the river.

  • Cameron Bridge Garden, which will be a space that improves natural habitat for important species.

  • Docks Garden, which will be a space celebrating the navel heritage of the area.

The map below details the overall plan for the River Leven Park, and where the gardens would be located. Click on the image to view full size.

Our animation presents a summary of the River Leven Park concept design proposals.

River Leven masterplan

We have commissioned an urban and landscape design practice to deliver a masterplan for the Leven catchment. The River Leven concept design and masterplan report presents both a collation of existing data and suggested design proposals.

The report is split into four sections:

  • Setting the scene, provides a broad background and overview of existing relevant information to the project.

  • Telling the story, describes the narrative process of shaping the proposals including historical analysis and community engagement.

  • Illustrating the proposals, reveals the concept design masterplan for the River Leven Park and more detailed site studies at the garden scale.

  • Looking forward, outlines additional threads to be considered and further developed during Stage 3 - Detailed design.