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Developing an understanding of what stops people enjoying the River Leven

  07-Dec-2020 |   The Leven Programme

From late 2019 until May 2020, we asked local community based organisations and individuals about what stops them from enjoying the River Leven at the stretch from Cameron Bridge to Levenmouth. We specifically wanted to know about what might be stopping people from walking, cycling and wheeling (scooting, moving by wheelchair or mobility scooter) around this section of the river.

We’ve taken all the responses received and written them up into a report, which we want people to read and provide any additional comments or thoughts to us.

What’s next?

The report is only a starting point for further conversations. Next, we wish to understand how to get more people to walk, cycle or wheel to, from and along the River Leven for everyday journeys (e.g. shopping, going to school or work, visiting friends). We want to identify possible actions and make a plan. So we are asking - How might we address the issues identified in the report?

The key themes that have emerged from listening to local organisations and people so far, are:

  • Enabling people to enjoy the area (e.g. fishing, picnicking, accessing nature).
  • Helping people move through the area (e.g. improved signage and paths).
  • Looking after the area (e.g. a community management plan).
  • Addressing anti-social behaviour (e.g. addressing vandalism and fly-tipping).

We want to discuss these themes and identify actions that will enable more people to use the routes around the river for their everyday journeys. To facilitate this, we will form a steering group consisting of local community based organisations that will meet several times between January and April 2021.

If your community based organisation would like to contribute, please email us at: