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The Leven Programme supports storage and shelter unit for the Bats Wood Project

  28-Aug-2020 |   The Leven Programme

The Bats Wood Project (a local Levenmouth charity), which will enable Levenmouth Academy pupils to experience rural skills and carry out work towards their John Muir Awards portfolio, has just put in place a storage and shelter unit supported by Fife Council and The Leven Programme, alongside £1800 raised by the charity itself.

The insulated unit will allow for wellies and waterproofs to be stored, for those rare days when it rains in Fife, as well as gardening equipment to be used in the communal growing space. To have the equipment on site makes the process of getting pupils to and from Bats Wood so much easier.

The unit will also provide a space for bicycle maintenance courses, a skill which has become even more important over the period of the pandemic, as we are encouraged to move towards more active travel options.

The unit has been set up to ensure that any rainfall that hits the roof is channelled to a water butt, so this can be used on the growing space when required.

Mr Duncan Zuill, a teacher at the Academy who heads the project said: “This is a great resource for the pupils and further strengthens the link between our project and the Leven Programme. We will also be nominating one of our pupils to be a formal link between the two initiatives to ensure dialogue is maintained , and information relevant to the school population is distributed effectively.”